Handspun Yarn

I gave this to Beatrice on world wide knit in public day. It was the first skein that I’d plied that day and I was thinking …hrm I don’t know if Beatrice has ever had any of my homespun…so there you go. She’s washed it and hung it to dry and now she is looking […]


So many people have been praying for my daughter and asking about her and she simply will not follow her doctor’s medical advice and take her meds or listen to us. I’m tired. Tired of being afraid for her, tired of her rebellion, tired of people interfering in our lives encouraging her to not take […]

In Crochet there are no lifelines!

We came up with that during worldwide knit in public day after Janessa frogged a scarf she was working on. Crochet = happy knitters ha ha ha ha ha . Next year my goal is to take more pictures. 

Worldwide KNit in Public Day 2011

Ms. Norma Knitting away…

We had a blast. My camera lies. I could have sworn I took more pics than what was in there….too bad my new camera was the one that was stolen.  You can see all the pictures at http://www.fiberaddicts.com or my facebook photo album.  […]

Car in Shop

I had to drop Moya off at Merchant’s tire this morning. The left front tire was going down looks like the rim is cutting into it where Dale ate a curb a few weeks ago. So….the wonderful year I’ve had so far is continuing.

Fur Real!


Local spinner, Carrie, at Bush Gardens spinning a blend of wool and wolf fur.


Whipped this up in about twenty minutes at lunch gonna make more this weekend.

– Spinning saves lives one fleece at a time!


Alpaca goodness.


Life’s Lessons

Even though we are all acquaintances and friends; we also  have our seperate lives, expectations, and responsibilities.  People give of their time and energy as they can. Some are able to go above and beyond what most of us are willing to invest. Sometimes we come to expect this behavior from a person all the time […]

Giant cabbage of doom

– Spinning saves lives one fleece at a time!