-Spinning saves lives one fleece at a time!

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Leap year hump day bleh! They are developing an espinner…I’m excited…are you excited!

Starting to feel under the weather….Randi…if I get sick I get to spank you. Sucking on a zicam drop. Gonna drink some emercen-c in a sec.

Been spinning…a lot….a lot a lot loving it la la la. I know I’m terrible about posting pictures…I know so […]

For the Horde.

Whisperwind – TheHOC merged with Band of the Red Fists I think….and then became Malus Lepus…server transfer to Azjol Nerub where eventually we fell apart and many left, stopped playing, had real life issues come up etc. They who left formed The Fleh which fell apart after a year or so and some joined various […]


-Spinning saves lives one fleece at a time!

Death, the great Equalizer!

No matter who you are, your station in life, etc. one day Death will knock on your door and you’ll open it and he’ll step through. Those you leave behind can either accept that it was your time and garner insight into life through your passing and move on with their own lives. Those left […]

Mark Crilley’s new book so excited!

Mark Crilley’s New Manga Art Book